Austin 16/6 Parts

Vintage Austin Register Limited Spares List, April 2023

 Parts are of new manufacture, and Items are priced individually, unless shown otherwise. Post and packaging is additionally charged at cost, as is any fee incurred by the payment method

Part no.Qty reqPrice
Starting handle dog EC21£55
Starting handle shaftEF191£50
Starting handle spring– needs shortening  EF211£6
Starting handle shaft bush   EF221£14
Timing chain metal tensioner EC26-291£40
 Fibre chain tensioner   1£35
Timing chain – 86 link only
(shorten to 82 link as req’d)
Dynamo rubber coupling              EL61£27.50
Water pump casting – machinedEL301£370
  Water pump gland nut(LH=20/6)EL231£22
Water pump spindleEL191£110
Cylinder head gasketED181£110
Inlet manifold gasket setEH5+62 + 2£12.50
Cylinder head studs ( BSF/BSW)ED624£3
Sump bolts W deep head £35 set
(1/4”BSW not for tin sump–post 1929)
Main bearing lock washerEA10881.70
Little end lock washerEE2360.80
Valves – exhaust qualityEE1,EE212£27
Valve guidesEE912£25
Valve springsEE312£6
Valve spring cups,  collet typeEE412£3.30
Valve colletsEE524£1.90
Tappet screws (ground face heads) (16/6 short)EE712£3.90
Tappet nutsEE812£2.75
Core plug – 1” diameter press fit£1.25
Core plug – 1.25” diameter press fit£1.65
Core plug – 1.3125” diameter press fit£1.65
Core plug – 1.5” diameter press fit£1.65
Core plug – 1.575” diameter press fit£2.10
Oil filters- completeEM251£175
Replacement elements (2 types)£12
  Circlip or 2-pin pliers£17
Spare “O” rings(2 types), circlips£1.10ea
Spare unions£3.30
Clutch linings and rivetsEP26/EP422£40set
Clutch springsEP2215£40set
Clutch fingers – sets of 3EP183£45set
Vibration puller –  LOAN ONLY£16.50
Dipstick topEA471£20
Starter motor  Bendix spring, LH/RH1£36
Exhaust manifold gasket setEH2+34 + 1£48
Exhaust manifold brass nuts 5/16”BSF (8 steel on inlet)ED1211£1.50
Exhaust silencer boxEJ10/281£110
Exhaust tailpipeEJ19/371£88
Exhaust downpipeEJ271£105