Austin 20/6 Parts

Vintage Austin Register Limited Spares List, April 2023

 Parts are of new manufacture, and Items are priced individually, unless shown otherwise. Post and packaging is additionally charged at cost, as is any fee incurred by the payment method

AUSTIN 20/6 PARTSPart No.Qty. Req.Price
Cylinder head gasket  DD211£140
Valves  DE1, 212£29
Valve guides  DD312£30
Timing chain  DC181£340
Spring for fibre chain tensioner (jockey pulley)DC741£10
Dynamo coupling DL41£27.50
Oil filter complete
(replaceable element)=16/6
Water pump drive shaft (early)DL341£150
Water pump rear gland nut(LH)=16/6    DL261£22
Water pump front gland nut (RH)DL251£22
Clutch linings and rivets  DP242£50set
Drag link ball pin & nut togetherDS752£61
Castellated nut – drag link(DS76)2£17
Ball cup drag link – longDS783£29
Ball cup drag link – shortDS791£20
Track rod ball pin & nut, as belowDR882£56
Castellated nut – track rodDR892£17
Ball cup track rod – longDR822£24
Ball cup track rod – shortDR812£15