Austin 20/4 Parts

Vintage Austin Register Limited Spares List, April 2023

 Parts are of new manufacture, and Items are priced individually, unless shown otherwise. Post and packaging is additionally charged at cost, as is any fee incurred by the payment method

AUSTIN 20/4 PARTSPart no.Qty reqPrice
Cylinder head gasket     CEB61£110
Exhaust manifold gasket     CEL21£25
Induction pipe/manifold gasket CEL142£9
Valves  CEE1,218£33
Valve guidesCEB38£31
Valve springs     CEE48£8
Timing chain    CEC291£185
Magneto drive shaft      CEC381£125
Dynamo chain     CEP601£165
Dynamo drive shaft CEP751£84
Dynamo rubber coupling =12/4 CEP741£27.50
Water pump front           CEC811£300
Water pump front casting (unmachined)CEC811£150
Water pump rear – with bearingCEH301£285
Water pump gland nut (LH)CEC231£33
Water inlet        CEB611£45
Clutch linings and rivetsCCB372£50set
Clutch levers – set of 3CCB433£49.50set
Clutch posts and pins– set of 3 CCB27,49,503£38.50set
 Gearbox felt – frontCCA801£11
Gearbox felt – rearCCA161£13
Rear axle hub seal (felt)CCJ102£13
Drag link ball pin+nut  together CCE122£61
Castellated nut – drag link(CCE13)2£17
Ball cup drag link – longCCE63£29
Ball cup drag link – shortCCE71£20
Track rod ball pin & nutCCD1352£56
Castellated nut – track rodCCD1412£17
Ball cup track rod – longCCD1512£24
Ball cup track rod – shortCCD1502£15