Heavy 12/4 Parts

Vintage Austin Register Limited Spares List, April 2023

Parts are of new manufacture, and items are priced individually, unless stated otherwise. Post and packaging is additionally charged at cost, as is any fee incurred by the payment method

AUSTIN HEAVY 12/4 PARTSPart No.Qty req’dPrice
Long stroke block machined, fitted parts as specified1P.O.A.
Starting handle bushAA111£14
Starting handle dogAB151£55
Starting handle shaft, wide trackAD181£85
Starting handle shaft, narrow trackAD771£85
Starting handle springAD201£6
Timing chainAB101£190
Dynamo gearAB161£125
Dynamo chainAB171£190
Dynamo drive shaftAB781£84
Dynamo rubber couplingAB771£27.50
Magneto drive shaftAB611£130
Radiator bottom  hoseAD601£8
Radiator top  hoseAD621£10
Radiator water pump to block  hoseAC641£12
Water pump frontAB401£125
Water pump rearAB451£185
Water pump impellerAB471£155
Water pump gland nutAB501£28
Water pump gland packingAB491£7
Water inlet – aluminium   (1.5” x 20tpi)AC161£32
Water inlet – brass             (1.5” x 20tpi)AC161£42
Washer for water inlet & rear plugAC182£2.50
Water rear brass plugAC171£33
Cylinder head gasket – English-madeAC31£100
Cylinder head stud (BSF/BSF)AC519£2.75
Cylinder head nut (standard)AC617+2£1.30
Sump bolt ¼”BSW deep head, £25 set of 20AA14120£1.75
Valves exhaust quality, collet type  AC41/618£25
Valve guidesAC198£25
Valve springsAC438£6
Valve colletsAC7216£1.90
Valve spring cups (collet type)                       AC448£3.30
Tappet screw,ground face heads,12/4 longAC678£3.90
Tappet nutAC508£2.75
Set of 4 standard pistons,JP0752,rings,pinsAC30-334£420
Core plug – 1.5” diameter press fitAC144£1.65
Clutch linings with rivets, state 10”or 10.25”AK52£40set
Clutch springs  AK4015£40set
Clutch thrust bearing XLT601£110
Clutch tab washersAK336£0.70
Clutch centre discs – 10” Diameter             AK41£52
Little end tab washers  AC404£0.80
Fan to timing case gasketAA161£5.50
Bendix spring, left-handed/right-handed1£36
Carb choke tube early 19mm/ late 21mm1£39
Exhaust manifoldAF311£370
Exhaust manifold stud (5/16” W)AC117£1.80
Exhaust manifold nut brass (5/16” W)AC127£1.10
Exhaust manifold gasket setAF5,64£38
Exhaust manifold downpipe stud 3/8”W/BSF2£1.80
Exhaust manifold downpipe nut brass3/8”W2£1.10
Exhaust manifold downpipe nut,deep,brass2£1.10
Exhaust downpipe, flange gasketAF81 or 2£9
Exhaust downpipe – early, right-angled1£105
Exhaust downpipe–obtuse-angled, under engine mountAF44?1£95
Exhaust downpipe,obtuse-angled, over engine mountAF44?1£95
Exhaust silencer box,flange front end onlyAF451£110
Early silencer box (double flange)No stock1£130
Exhaust tailpipe AF481£88
Exhaust tailpipe,seconds,need modification1£40
System bracket -silencer box    AF461£10
System bracket – rear of box  AF471£10
System bracket – rear of tailpipeAF481£8
Pipe U-clamp1£2.50
Large range of tab washers, individually priced29 types£0.45+
Undershields,6 parts,fit narrow & wide track late ‘24–>Not 16/6£200set
Rear undershield – cannot be sent by postAP991£48
Front undershieldAP941£43
4 Side undershieldsAP95-AP981£36ea
Gearbox felt seal large – frontAJ291£9
Gearbox felt seal small – rearAJ401£8