Common 12/4 & 16/6 Parts

Vintage Austin Register Limited Spares List, April 2023

 Parts are of new manufacture, and Items are priced individually, unless shown otherwise. Post and packaging is additionally charged at cost, as is any fee incurred by the payment method

Part no.Qty reqPrice
King pin-used- remetalled & machined to size*AM191,2/ER8,91 + 1£195
King pin bushesAM189,90/ER6 ,72 + 2£41side
King pin feltAM203/ER202£2
Brake drum–used-skimmedAM232/ER542£55
Brake lever bushAM213/ER304£20pr.
Brake lever feltAM275/ER312£4
Brake linings (alum. shoes)+rivets–up to 1929**AM236/ER584£40set
Brake rollers  (sized to take bushes now!)   AM242/ER634£9.50pr.
Brake wedgeAM205/ER222£38
Brake spring (front)AM246/ER672£6
Brake cables with forks-frontAN132/EV882£48pr.
Track rod ball pin & nutAM266/ES742£27
Track rod ball pin nut castellated 9/16” BSF 16TPIAM269/ES832£5
Track rod springAM281/ES792£4.50
Track rod ball cups – pair 1 large, 1 smallAM280+AM2792prs.£30pr.
Steering column felt1£8.50
Drag link ball pin & nut           AM93/ES942£35
Drag link ball pin special castellated nut 5/8” 16TPIAM94/ES952£9
Drag link ball cup – largeAM88319
Drag link ball cup – smallAM96114
Drag link recessed washer for springAM8916.50
Drag link thick plain washerAM9124.50
Drag link springAM90/ES912£4
Hub seal (felt)AO66/EV642£10
Hub seal-2wheel brake carsAM152£5
Brake drum–used,skimmedAO69/EV672£55
Brake lever springAO95,96/EV94,952£23pr.
Brake lever feltAO97/EV892£4
Brake linings (alum. shoes) +rivets – up to 1929***AO77/EV754£40set
Brake spring (rear)                 AO79/EV774£9
Brake cables,rear with forksAN133/EV882£48pr.
Pinion feltAO521£8
Rear U/J yoke and blocksAO118,119/EW15,161£95
Hand brake lining + rivets      AL33/EQ292£40
Hand brake feltAL43/EQ394£2.50
Fabric coupling AO107/EW51£95
Differential Casting gaskets AO139/EV41£2.75
Prop shaft leather gaiterAO1221O.O.S.
Rear cross tube pin and bush set (one side)  AP51-54,76/ ET115etc2£65
Rear road spring plateAP35/ET502£10
Spring shackle pin, pre-1930AP58/ET4210£30
Spring shackle bush, pre-1930, brassAP2010£16.50
Spring shackle side plates-pairs ( used/new)AP55+6/ET103+42£18/45pr
Brake clevis pin  £1.95 eachAN125/EU8120£37set
Brake clevis pin felts
(60p each)
Battery boxAH1562£60
Tool box1£50
Shock absorber rubber bushAQ178£7
4 wheel brake cross shaft felts AN1212£2
4 wheel brake cross shaft felts AN1224£2
2 wheel brake cross shaft felts (+fit 20/6 brake lever)AO97£2
2wheel brake clevis pin feltsAN42£1
Silentbloc bushes£13.50

*King pins supplied on a part exchange basis for a sound part with wear ** 73/16” c/c outside of lining (63/4” c/c on shoe), 3/16” rivet lining 71/4” c/c  ***1925-29 ¼” rivets, 1930-33, 3/16” rivets,  and spacing differs by ½ hole